Dear Artists,

When I think of us as one movement, I imagine a wide vista of a dusty plain, picturesque with cloud-topped mountains in the near distant background, a bright beaming sun in a clear sky, and thousands of wild horses stampeding across the expanse. This rumbling mass moves in unison formation of multi-colored earth toned creatures streaking through pounded smoking clay. Pulling against centrifugal forces by driven wills, the horses race in pursuit of their visions; manifesting into a multidimensional reality. As they race, some gain ground, some drift back, some advance in sudden bursts, some lead far off ahead, and some lag far off behind. There are also some that veer outside of the galloping fervor and quietly graze on shrubs — some that prance in playful circles — some that go off to copulate together — some that set course for the mountains, disappearing out of range — and some that lay down to sleep forever under the radiant sun. All are guided by their instincts, bravely investing their lives to match their spirits. I am honored to run with you all.

Josh Nusbaum, January 2015.